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Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

My name is Rex Duff, and I am the general editor of this web site.

Introduction: A great Motto is: The Bible, The Whole Bible, and Nothing but the Bible

With this motto in mind, this web-site has developed into the title, “Bible Baptist Brethren”   WHY?

Brethren because, The Conservative Grace Brethren doctrinal statement of Faith (adding Repentance for Salvation) is fully agreed upon.
See (A layman’s Guide to the Lordship Controversy, by Richard Belcher, Crowne Publications, 1990) That is not to say that some of the Scripture references are wrong. Nobody is perfect, especially this author.

The 7th day German Baptist doctrinal statement of faith (adding in their hidden doctrine, from their polity statement) is agreed upon. This is the group that split from the Brethren Church in 1728, under the leadership of Conrad Beissel. They split over the Sabbath issue. Today they have joined the 7th day Baptist.

Baptist because, in 1671-1672, the 7th day Baptist formed under the leadership of Stephen Mumford, when they broke away from the First Baptist Church in Newport, Rhode Island which John Clarke had started. Many argue this was the first Baptist Church in America. They broke away again because of the issue of the Sabbath. Baptist also, because today only Conservative Baptist hold to the Textus Receptus Greek Text and the Masoretic Hebrew Text as the original Word of God. Those who believe God has preserved His Word from generation to generation (Psalm 12:6-7), only use a translation from these two texts. Today, that can only be a King James or New King James translation. All other versions are Satanic Counterfeits.

Bible because, almost all of these Denominations have failed to take the whole Bible, in particular what God states in Genesis 2:2-3; Leviticus 23:1-43; Exodus 23:14-19; Exodus 12: 1-28; 48-49; Exodus 13:3-10; Numbers 28:16-31; Deuteronomy 16:1-17; Number 10:10; 29-1-6; Leviticus 16; Number 29:1-38; and Hebrews 4:9-11. These are all concerning the Feast days. Notice these words in Leviticus 23:14, 31, & 41, “It shall be a statue forever throughout your generations in all your dwellings” (NKJV). Maybe if Christians celebrated God’s Feast days, they would not celebrate Satan’s Easter and Christmas. (Besides, Jesus was born on the feast of Tabernacles.  See -- Deuteronomy 16:16)   Six months earlier John the Baptist was born on Passover (Luke 1). Why not have a Christmas in September- October (Feast of Tabernacles) and honor the Lord instead of the World. You would have a Sukkot instead of a pagan tree.

Finally, please read my article entitled, “Can Christians according to the Bible choose to worship on Sunday?”

My conclusions will surprise most of my readers!!!

For some time I have felt the need to bring brothers and sisters of like faith, together. It is my intention to be an aid to those who truly want to follow the Bible, without changing their view to meet the culture they live in.

Through the years of my spiritual quest, and finally my conversion to Christ, I have found that most good writers on a subject, write very Biblical on a few topics, but when their culture or their up bringing comes in, they write awful on other topics.

A wise preacher once told me, to take preaching like eating cat fish. You eat the fish, and throw away the bones.

I hope you will find very little bones from this web site.

It is with this view in mind, believing that no one but God has all truth, that articles and tapes, and even books are recommended.

Just because a persons book, tape, or article appears at this web site, does not mean that other writings by this person are any good. However, if this writer or speaker is the best on this topic, he shall be used, instead of a writer that is accepted by all, that really does not write well on the topic.

A few tapes will be slightly edited every now and then, where it is necessary. If a tape is good, but there is some minor false doctrine on it, and it is left in (some tapes can not be edited, do to the author's wishes), a brief comment will be made when known, stating what should be avoided on the tape. This editor will make every attempt to let you know every time a tape is edited, and what was taken out. Also information will be given to tell you where the original can be obtained, unedited.

This web site will never intentional deceive anyone about where a brother stands on anything. Since writings, books, and tapes are taken from Brethren, Baptist and the Charity Fellowship, and it is this editors view, as well as others, that the truth, is in the middle of these groups, where HISTORIC ANABAPTIST once stood, no writer will be always correct on everything, including this editor. It is my hope like the Bereans, that you will search the scriptures, for yourself, and see what sayeth the Lord Jesus Christ! See-- (Acts 17:11)

A Brief History About This Editor

I was born in the United States, during the last half of the 20th century.

My father was and still is a Medical Doctor. I am the oldest of 7 children to my father, the oldest of 5 children to my mother. Both of my parents Divorced and remarried. As a child I was taken to the Presbyterian Church, and dropped off for Church. I was sprinkled there, went through Catecism there, and sang in several choirs. In 6th grade I went to a Lutheran School. Growing up, I attended often the Nazarene Church, do to the fact a kind lady took me. ( I believe it was there, I first was awakened Spiritually, though not saved). As a teenager I participated in sports, and received the MVP for my high school. I went to a Public High School. At 16 I went to college.

At 17 I was Baptized by Immersion, and made a commitment to Christ. (Please note I still was not saved here, but became very religious, even witnessing for Christ). I began preaching in Churches at this time. At 19 I graduated with a BA from Morehead State University. At 21 I had a Master's Degree from Liberty Baptist Seminary. At 22 I had my first earned Doctorate degree from Luther Rice (a Southern Baptist Seminary). My thesis was on Missions, and I did deputation, for the next few years, while teaching and administrating in Christian Schools. I was ordained an Independent Baptist Minister at this time.

I left deputation and the Christian School Movement, and went to Law School, graduating with a Doctorate of Jurisprudence. I did my first Pastoral work that same year.

I next worked for a City, as City Attorney, the State, as a public Defender, and a private law firm. I went into private practice latter, where I still remain. I ran for District Judge in 2002, and was soundly defeated. I had two more Pastorates during this time.

In July of 1998, I finally came to grips with the fact that I was not saved. I realized that no one gets saved, who does not admit being lost. (You call on the Lord to save you, not help you be a better person). I was converted that month, having preached lost for well over 20 years.  In 2014 I went back to Walden University and received my MHA degree in 2016. In 2016 I went back to Seminary, and in 2018, I received my M.Div. from Crown College. In 2018 and 2019 I was a Hospital Chaplain. In 2021, I am returning to the hospital as a Chaplain once again.

It was at this point in life, I began to see what Thus Saith The LORD.

I began to examine, to see, which Church was the correct Church. In my studies, (now on the web, see AnaBaptist History), I realized that the True Church had been called AnaBaptist, shortly after the completion of the Bible. That AnaBaptist did not start in the 1500's as Mennonites teach. But that later, the AnaBaptist had split in the 1600 and 1700's into Baptist , Brethren and Mennonite. That each group reaffirmed doctrines of the AnaBaptist they could be proud of, but took doctrines not found in the Word of God (mainly from Protestants, and Roman Catholism).  However, after one generation (the early 1600's) the Mennonite Church ceased to baptize (Baptism is only by Immersion). True Churches became Independent Baptist Churches and Brethren Churches, and continued mostly in the AnaBaptist tradition.

Main Examples:



1) Always pour now (a Protestant concept, do to a Belief of Baptismal Regeneration) Baptism is only by Immersion.

2) Many believe they are kept saved, by their works instead of their continued faith.

Arminius taught, total depravity, conditional election, universal sacrifice, (Jesus died for all mankind), resistible grace, and eternal life. It is true that after his death, some of his followers perverted some of his teachings.

These are the main heresies in the Mennonite Churches today. It is not appropriate at this time to explain, how a man who did not believe in the humanity of Christ, Menno Simmons, took the Mennonites into these heresies.


1) Most Modern Baptist are very Militant, and patriotic.

2) Nearly all Modern Baptist have abolished the head covering on women, during the worship service. Music is ungodly, in a lot of Churches.

3) Modern Baptist as a whole are caught up in Easy Beliefism, with the Lordship of Christ being taught as, not needed for Salvation. I often wonder how large the Baptist corner of Hell will be, because of Easy Beliefism.

4) Modern Baptist like most denominations have forgotten the Fourth Commandment of keeping the Sabbath (Exodus 20:8-11) Only the Seventh Day Baptist are known to keep the Sabbath. See - (Genesis 2:1-3; Hebrews 4:4; 9-11; Exodus 20:8-11; Luke 4:16; Mark 2:27-28; and Isaiah 66:23).


1) Most Brethren Churches have left their doctrinal heritage

The Church of the Brethren has women Pastors, and is part of the World Counsel Of Churches. A popular Bible doctrines book, teaches Baptismal Regeneration.  However, many Church of the Brethren Churches still have men as Pastors, and do not teach Baptismal Regeneration. But the Churches are governed by higher Councils, and Churches are not Independent letting the local congregation make the decisions. There is little Evangelism, though they strongly believe in Evangelism. Few churches have a mid-week service any longer, but they are still one of the few Peace churches left in the world.
All churches use multiple versions of the Bible.

2)Most Grace Brethren have left the traditional TR text, and accepted all forms of modern perverted Bibles. They have also left the wearing of head coverings on Women in the Worship Service. A modern Contemporary music service is common.

3)Most Plymouth Brethren have leaven bread, no invitations, and modern perverted Bible Versions. There seems to be a lack of strong doctrine. Some even serve Alcohol in the service. Women who wear a head covering, might even wear shorts to a Wednesday night Service. It is no wonder they are losing the younger generation!

4) All most all Plymouth Brethren are strongly Patriotic and militant. It is sad they follow the Old Testament Law, instead of the New Testament age of Grace and Love!

Please understand, I have good friends in each Camp. Once I was saved, the Modern Baptist wanted me out, because I believe in headcoverings in Church, and was not militant.

The Modern Baptist still don't like the fact I am non-resistant, and I believe in head coverings. I now only desire to speak in New Testament AnaBaptist Churches, whether, Seventh Day Baptist or Brethren in name.

In regards to Mennonites, I was a member of a Charity Fellowship Church in Muddy Pond, Tenn., after I was saved. I attended regularly for two years before they would let me join. I was examined doctrinally what I believed first, and then they gladly received me, knowing there were some differences. Though I got along great with most of the membership, except the man who was a preterist, did not believe in Hell, or the humanity of Christ, I was told I would have no further part in leadership, after having preached on eternal security. (Why I Left the Charity Fellowship)

It should also be noted, that after leaving the Charity Fellowships, I attend the next year in several Mennonite (Non-Charity) Churches, throughout Kentucky.

I presently live in northern Maryland, and am in fellowship with a small conservative   Assembly, located close.  I now feel called to once again preach in True AnaBaptist Church, whether they be called Seventh Day Baptist or Brethren in name.

This web site is devoted for those who want to find God's answer on a subject, and are willing to make a difference. It is my prayer that God will raise up Historic AnaBaptist Churches, that are truely New Testament Churches today.

Yours Truly,

Brother Rex

Currently Brother Duff is available for weekend Seminars, and Evangelistic meetings, to Assemblies, which are open to historic AnaBaptist teachings.

The following page is a Comprehensive Doctrinal statement of Faith offered, to guide AnaBaptist. Treat it like Catfish. I hope you will find few bones in it. I wish to thank the many brothers that have helped me, with this doctrinal statement of Faith, both from a Brethren Background, a Mennonite background, and a Baptist Background.

CONTINUE (For) Doctrinal Statement of Faith

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