The Bible states in I Corinthians 4:14, “ I write not these things to shame you, but as my beloved sons I warn you”.

Before I state why I left the Charity Fellowships, I must tell you what attracted me.

I. The Bait

It is easy to say that Charity Fellowships in general are very family oriented. They will not let Divorced Remarried people into their membership (unlike the Baptist). They encourage large families. They teach strongly, that a woman’s place is to be a keeper of the home. They practice strong modesty among all of the women, from youth on up. All of their ladies wear veilings.

This was and still is very important to me, for a woman’s long hair is her glory (her attraction). I do not desire to be distracted by a woman’s long hair in Church, when I am trying to worship God. This is a very strong distraction for a man. When are the Baptist going to wake up? I believe that if young ladies only realized how strong this attraction is, the godly ones would be veiled.

Charity Fellowships also have godly music. There is never any beat in their music. Charity Fellowships are also not Patriotic, a concept not found in the New Testament, nor was it ever among the historic AnaBaptist. Imagine being a Missionary to Serbia, and then taking a gun and killing the people, who you have preached the love of Christ to, to defend the Moslems. Charity Fellowships are thankful they live in America, and pray for America, but they don’t worship America!

Charity Fellowships believe in Immersion for Baptism, and are strong on Missions. Footwashing is practiced in connection with the Lord’s Supper. Charity Fellowships were started by a Baptist. They were started by Denny Kenaston, a graduate of Hyles Anderson College. The Gospel Message in Charity Fellowships is strongly Lordship, with no easy beliefism.

On the outside, Charity Fellowships are the most godly people I have ever known.

II. The Trap

After reading all of point one above, you might wonder how anyone could leave? Now it time to state the rest of the story!

The main heresy among all Charity Fellowships now, is the teaching that eternal security is a heresy. (Listen to Denny’s Leadership tapes from February 2004). These tapes are a series entitled, “A Declaration of the Faith”. The last two tapes are the worst. Denny also now highly recommends the book entitled, “The Kingdom That Turned The World Upside Down”, by David Bercot. On page 22 in this book, salvation is taught of works. The author makes fun of the great hymn, The Solid Rock”. Remember these words, “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness”. The author declares this heresy. This is the book Denny is recommending! Charity Fellowships are teaching nothing but works Salvation. Even Denny’s tape series on Revelation (2003), teaches a strong work salvation.

Secondly, Charity Fellowships are not Churches, they are Fellowships. There is no authority, (no Pastor), and no clear doctrinal statement of faith. They are Mennonites, without all the Restrictions.

Charity Fellowships mock Pretribulationism. They Immerse, but they also except pouring as a mode of Baptism. They are in no way historic AnaBaptist as they claim. They practice open communion, and they teach strongly the Catholic concept of a Universal Church. They are not completely opposed to Alcohol as a beverage. Some even want to serve Alcohol in the Lord’s Supper.

Evangelism in most Charity Fellowships is Foreign Missions only, with little burden for the lost around them. It is true that Charity Fellowships are an attraction to Baptist, who are sick of all the worldliness in Baptist Churches. However, Charity Fellowships are not true Churches, and they will destroy the Foundations of godly Baptist, given enough time.  Also, very few Charity Fellowships ever give an invitation.  How does any one get saved, but by works?

III The Solution

Just like a mouse, the cheese is easy to get, but the trap is deadly. The food that is available God’s way, must be obtained with much suffering and growth.

What then can a godly family do? Solution – Transform a Baptist Church, into a Biblical AnaBaptist Church.

Start an AnaBaptist Church in the will of God. However, in the mean time, stand out for Jesus in that Worldly Baptist Church and make a difference. It is still the true Church, even with all its problems.

Remember, Jesus tells us not to forsake the Assembly of the Church! We need the Church, and the Church needs us, to make a difference!

Yours truly,

Brother Rex Duff


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