By: Rex Duff

 After writing the article called, “Finding a Devil In the Pulpit”, I began to realize that a second and more comprehensive article was needed.

I will begin with the statement once again, that the final authority is the Textus Receptus Greek Text, and the Hebrew Masoretic text.  The present 1611 KJV Edition is not a 1611 Edition, but is at least, a 4th Edition King James Version. (See previous article listed above).

For those who didn’t read the previous article, I fill the need to restate briefly why a Ruckmanite is totally false, and only the preserved Greek and Hebrew text’s, are the final authority. I would however be unfair if I did not mention that Dr. Peter Ruckman’s book on Textual problems, is one of the best to explain what appears to be Bible contradictions in the Old Testament. I am not discarding everything the man has ever written, just his view on inspired King James translators. A side note, there is only one plan of salvation, not 7 Dr. Ruckman, and angels never produced children in Genesis 6, people did!

I need to also say, that just because I believe a man using a false Bible in the pulpit, is a Devil in the pulpit, does not mean that I think he is lost! Good men have been lead astray by the Devil, since the beginning of time. Our culture, education, and sinful nature, lead all of us astray, somewhere. I guess what I am trying to say is this, follow no man on everything, including me, but follow Christ on everything.

Getting back to the Word of God, I would now like to remind you of these comparisons where both the King James and the New King James translation are bad, and are VERY BAD. I listed these to show you once again, only the original TR and Hebrew text are the final authority

1.Acts 2:38, “(FOR) the remission of sins” – This should have been translated (BECAUSE OF) the remission of sin. The same Greek word is translated in Acts 25:20, BECAUSE OF…. in both the KJV and NKJV. This translation supports the cult, the church of Christ.
The entire book of Galatians, is written against adding law to Salvation. If anyone does, as Galatians teaches, that one is lost, and has never been born again. This is a very serious translation blunder!

2.Acts 13:48, (ORDAINDED) KJV – (Appointed) NKJV… Both of these are bad translations. This should have been translated (INCLINDED)… Unconditional election is not taught in the Bible, and a person must still decide to be saved. It is a personal choice!

3.Revelation 3:14, (beginning) KJV and NKJV… This should have been translated (origin or source)… The Lord Jesus Christ is the Almighty Creator, and not the first created. Mormonism is a cult, and a false Christianity. 

4. Acts 19:24,27,34, and 35 – (Diana) both --  KJV and NKJV; The Greek word is (Artemis)… Diana is taken from the Latin, supporting Catholicism.

5. I Corinthians 11:21, John 2:10, (drunk or drunken) both the KJV or NKJV, show their cultural bias towards alcoholic drink. They even make the Lord Jesus a participant in drunkenness in John 2….In both cases, this should have been translated (full)..  In I Corinthians 11:21, God in this passage is comparing eating too much, with not eating at all. There is no alcohol present at this love feast! In John chapter 2, Jesus made a very rich grape juice out of water, where some grape juices were not as rich and sweet. There is no alcohol at all, in the marriage at Cana.

To repeat once again, there are clearly passages where the original 4th Edition KJV is better than the NKJV translation. The first two examples given here, even change the meaning in a wrong manner. Neither are serious, but the translators could have done better!

1.Hebrews 3:16 (Some) KJV .. (Who)  NKJV… The accent mark in the original Textus Receptus, makes the difference.  The NKJV translators, missed the position of the accent mark!

2.Acts 18:18 (shorn his head) KJV –(hair cut off) NKJV.. Had the translators translated the passage, shaved his head, this would have been acceptable.  However, it is possible to cut your hair off, and not be shaved! This is a poor translation.

3.Ecclesiastes 5:20 (Answereth him) KJV…. (Keeps him busy) NKJV

4. I Samuel 25:12 (their way) KJV…. (on their heels) NKJV

5.Luke 11:54 (something out of his mouth) KJV … (something He might say) NKJV

6.Hebrews 2:13 (Behold) KJV … (Here am) NKJV

7.Exodus 6:3 (Jehovah) KJV --- (Lord) NJKV   NOTE – The word Jehovah does not appear in the NKJV translation. It is always translated Lord. This is a real disappointment to me. Maybe in a future edition, if there are enough complaints about this, they will replace Lord with Jehovah!
To be fair however, I should mention that the KJV often translates Jehovah as Lord….
Examples:  Genesis 2:4; Genesis 2:5; Genesis 6:3; Genesis 15:1; Genesis 27:7; Genesis 49:18; and Deuteronomy 6:4, etc….

The following list is repeated once again to show why I use a NJKV over a KJV.

REFERENCES           KJV                      NJKV                       TR Greek Text  

Acts 12:4                 Easter                    Passover                      Passover
1 Peter 3:1            the word                    a word              (content) a word
Ephesians 5:18       excess                    dissipation                    debauchery
John 8:6          (as though he heard          In text (not                In text (not in
                             them not (In Italics)       in Italics)                   Italics)
Titus 2:4                to be sober                  not there               not in any Greek text
Romans 11:4          answer of God       divine response        divine response
1 Corinthians 13:5    easily                 not there                    not in any Greek Text
1 Corinthians 14:14  unknown tongue     tongue                   tongue
1 Corinthians 15:55   grave                   Hades                     Hades
1 Thessalonians 5:22  all appearance     every form           every form
Matthew 9:32               devil                    demon                 demon
Romans 8:16              Spirit itself         Spirit Himself      content – Spirit Himself
Matthew 28:19           teach                    make disciples     make disciples
Matthew 28:18         power                    authority               authority
Luke 7:20        he that should come     the coming one    the coming (one)
John 12:15             ass’s                          donkey                 donkey
John 1:2                 the same                         He                       He
1 Corinthians 11:29  damnation             judgment              judgment
1 Timothy 4:12       conversation           conduct                 conduct
Revelation 1:5          Prince                   Ruler                     Ruler
Revelation 10:11       before                 about                   about, concerning
Hebrews 12:8           Bastards               illegitimate          either
1 Peter 3:21            like figure              antitype               antitype
Matthew 23:14       damnation             condemnation      condemnation

Old Testament Examples

Genesis 3:5                        gods                         God                             God
Genesis 1:28                     replenish                  fill                                fill
Genesis 3:15                       it                              He                               He
Exodus 20:13                    kill                           murder                        murder
Job 7:12                           whale                        sea monster                sea monster
Song of Solomon 2:7       he                              it                                  it
Isaiah 60:22                      his                         its                                    its
Ezekiel 38:2                     chief prince           Rosh prince                Rosh prince
Exodus 22:28                     gods                      God                            God
Daniel 4:8,9, 18                 gods                       God                             God
Numbers 23:22         unicorn (Mythological)   wild ox                     wild ox

From this point on, I would like to state that I spent over a year, comparing the King James with the New King James, verse by verse. It became quickly obvious, that in the Old Testament, where the language is very pictorial, that I should be honest, and not pick the King James to death, for sight differences, in translating a Hebrew figure of speech, differently. I also ignored spelling differences in names, where both translations could claim to be correct. I must also state that I discovered places where the exact meaning of a Hebrew word was uncertain. Therefore, to say either translation was correct, would be misleading the reader. I came away from my study, now using a parallel  KJV, NKJV in my every day study of God’s Word. I use the NKJV as my primary text, but at times refer to the KJV for a better understanding of the verse. I do this, before I ever check the verse in the Hebrew and Greek text. I believe that for the majority of everyday Bible readers (as you should do), the New King James will open new truths in the Word of God, which you will quickly see, are absent in your Christian walk. As I am writing this, today I read through Ephesians once again, meditating on each verse as I read the book. Since I have studied various English words from the Greek text, I can now read from start to finish, with an interpretation of any verse in Ephesians. What stood out to me the most, was the proper Christian attitude towards others, and the humble walk of the Christian. I began to see the fruits of the Spirit in an all new light. I wondered how any Christian could be involved in War, politics (in or out of the Church), destruction of Christian brothers, anger, outburst of temper, or getting even with others. I began to see anew why Christians were known for their love, not their confrontation. That is not to say that we are not to speak out against all sin, but in a loving manner! I know I must daily work on my love for those I do not like, because this is what the Lord expects!

Why have I said all of this? The reason is this, I know that there will be those who do not agree with me with great anger. I am not trying to start a new movement, just be faithful to the Word of God. I will therefore show you the differences that I found, from my own daily Bible time, not from any book. I will not say that this list is complete, it is not, but is an honest attempt to show English speaking Christians, why use the New King James!

References           King James                     New King James           TR Greek Text

Matthew 2:6       rule                                shepherd                          shepherd
Matthew 4:24      devil                                  demon                            demon
Matthew 5:37      evil                                 evil one                           evil one
Matthew 5:15      candle                            lamp                                 lamp
Matthew 5:48      omitted                           shall                                 shall
Matthew 6:13      evil                               evil one                           evil one
Matthew 7:13    strait                              narrow                              narrow
Matthew 7:14    strait                              narrow                              narrow
Matthew 7:22   devils                            demons                             demons
Matthew 7:23    iniquity                        lawlessness                      lawlessness
Matthew 7:28       doctrine                     teaching                         teaching
Matthew 8:16       devils                          demon                             demon
Matthew 8:19      master                         teacher                             teacher
Matthew 7:28     doctrine                       teaching                           teaching
Matthew 8:28,31,33  devil(s)                demon(s)                          demon(s)
Matthew 9:11      master                        teacher                             teacher
Matthew 9:15     children                      friends                 a close relationship person
Matthew 9:23     minstrels                     flute players                flute players
Matthew 9:34     devils, devils           demons, demons            demons, demons
Matthew 10:8     devils                           demons                             demons
Matthew 10:24,25   master                      teacher                             teacher
Matthew 11:4    shew                              tell                                    tell

References             King James              New King James            TR Greek Text

Matthew 11:18     devil                           demon                               demon
Matthew 12:22,24,24,26,28   devils         demons                           demon
Matthew 12:27       children                          sons                                sons
Matthew 12:31,32    Ghost                      Spirit                                  Spirit
Matthew 12:40       whale’s belly            great fish                           great fish
Matthew 14:26          spirit                            ghost                                 ghost
Matthew 14:35         diseased                       sick                                    sick
Matthew 15:22          devil                           demon                               demon
Matthew 17:18         devil                             demon                              demon
Matthew 17:24          master                         teacher                               teacher
Matthew 20:2,13      penny                        denarius                               denarius
Matthew 20:20      worshipping              knelling down                      doing homage
Matthew 20:26       minister                      servant                                servant
Matthew 20:27       servant                       slave                                   slave
Matthew 22:4,9      marriage                     wedding                             wedding
Matthew 22:16        master                      teacher                               teacher
Matthew 22:19        penny                       denarius                              denarius
Matthew 22:24       master                        teacher                                teacher
Matthew 22:33        doctrine                    teaching                             teaching
Matthew 26:18        master                       teacher                               teacher
Matthew 26:25        master                         rabbi                                 rabbi
Matthew 26:49         master                      rabbi                                  rabbi
Matthew 26:52          they                       who                                   who  
Matthew 27:3          repented                remorseful                            remorseful
Matthew 28:18        power                     authority                               authority
Matthew 28:19        teach                      make disciples                     make disciples
Mark 1:32,34,39     devils                      demons                                demons
Mark 1:8                  ghost                       spirit                                    spirit
Mark 1:22              doctrine                     teaching                             teaching
Mark 3:14             ordained                     appointed                          appointed
Mark 3:22             devils                           demons                             demons
Mark 4:2           doctrine                          teaching                             teaching
Mark 4:21           candle                          lamp                                    lamp
Mark 4:21          candlestick                   lampstand                         lampstand
Mark 4:38           Master                          Teacher                             Teacher
Mark 5:12,15,16,18    devil                      demon                               demon
Mark 5:30             virtue                          power                                 power
Mark 5:35              master                        teacher                               teacher
Mark 6:13            devils                           demons                               demons
Mark 6:37            penny worth                denari                                   denari
Mark 7:4               tables                          couches                                 couches
Mark 7:26,29,30    devil                           demon                                  demon
Mark 9:5                Master                         Rabbi                                   Rabbi
Mark 9:17              Master                         teacher                                  teacher

References             King James                    New King James             TR Greek Text

Mark 9:38              Master                          teacher                                 teacher
Mark 9:38             devils                             demons                                demons
Mark 10:17,20,35    Master                         teacher                                 teacher
Mark 10:43              minister                        servant                                servant
Mark 10:44               servant                             slave                                  slave
Mark 10:51                Lord                                Rabboni                            Rabboni
Mark 11:18                doctrine                           teaching                            teaching
Mark 11:21                 Master                            Rabbi                                 Rabbi
Mark 12:14                Master                             teacher                              teacher
Mark 12:15                 penny                            denarius                              denarius
Mark 12:19                 Master                           teacher                                teacher
Mark 12:32                 Master                            teacher                                teacher
Mark 12:38                 doctrine                          teaching                               teaching
Mark 13:1                   Master                            teacher                                 teacher
Mark 14:3                   box/box                        flask/flask                          flask/flask
Mark 14:5                   pence                             denari                                 denari
Mark 14:14                  goodman                      Master                                 Master
Mark 14:14                 Master                           teacher                                teacher
Mark 14:45                  Master/Master               rabbi/rabbi                   rabbi/rabbi
Mark 14:54                  palace                            courtyard                    courtyard
Mark 14:66                  palace                            courtyard                     courtyard
Mark 16:9,17              devils                               demons                      demons
Luke 1:1                      believed                          fulfilled                      fulfilled
Luke 2:1                      taxed                               registered                  registered
Luke 2:2                     taxing                               census                     registration (census)
Luke 2:3                     taxed                                registered                registered
Luke 2:5                     taxed                                 registered                registered
Luke 2:25                    ghost                                Spirit                       Spirit
Luke 2:26                    ghost                                 Spirit                      Spirit
Luke 2:43                   child                                  boy                         child
Luke 2:46                    doctors                              teachers                  teachers
Luke 3:12                    Master                              Teacher                  Teacher
Luke 3:17                    fan                                  winnowing fan       winnowing fan
Luke 4:1                   ghost                                   Spirit                       Spirit
Luke 4:6                   power                                 authority                   authority
Luke 4:20                minister                               attendant                  attendant
Luke 4:33,35            devil                                    demon                      demon
Luke 4:41                 devil                                     demon                     demon
Luke 5:17                 doctors                                teachers                    teachers
Luke 5:37,37,37      bottles                             wineskins                     wineskins
Luke 5:38                 bottles                           wineskins                     wineskins
Luke 6:19                virtue                              power                          power
Luke 6:35                children                           sons                           sons
Luke 7:40,40          master/master             teacher/teacher              teacher/teacher

References            King James                New King James         TR Greek Text

Luke 7:41               pence                            denari                           denari
Luke 8:2                devils                             demons                         demons
Luke 8:16             candle                              lamp                            lamp
Luke 8:16          candlestick                lampstand                     lampstand
Luke 8:27,29,30,33   devil(s)             demon(s)                        demon(s)
Luke 8:35,36,37        devil(s)              demon(s)                       demon(s)
Luke 8:46                  virtue                  power                           power
Luke 8:49                  Master                teacher                          teacher
Luke 9:1                   devils                  demons                          demons
Luke 9:37                   hill                   mountain                         mountain
Luke 9:38                 Master                  Teacher                         Teacher
Luke 9:42                 devil                      demon                          demon
Luke 10:17               devils                    demons                         demons
Luke 10:19                power                  authority                        authority
Luke 10:25                 Master                 Teacher                         Teacher
Luke 10:35                 pence                     denari                         denari
Luke 11: 14,14           devils                     demons                      demons
Luke 11:15,15            devils                     demons                        demons
Luke 11:18                  devils                     demons                        demons
Luke 11:19,20              devils                    demons                        demons
Luke 11:33                  candle                    lamp                           lamp
Luke 11:33                 candlestick             lampstand                lampstand
Luke 11:34,36             candle                    lampstand                lampstand
Luke 11:45                 Master                     Teacher                    Teacher
Luke 12:12                 Ghost                       Spirit                        Spirit
Luke 12:13                 Master                      Teacher                    Teacher
Luke 13:23                  strait                         Narrow                    Narrow
Luke 13:32                 devils                         demons                   demons
Luke 15:8                 candle                          lamp                      lamp
Luke 17:7                 cattle                           sheep                     sheep
Luke 17:20                demanded                  asked                    asked
Luke 18:18                 Master                      Teacher                  Teacher
Luke 18:42                saved thee                 made you well      made you well
Luke 19:13                 pounds                      minus                    minus
Luke 19:13               occupy                      do business           trade or do business
Luke 19:16,16           pound/pounds         mina/minas           mina/minas
Luke 19:18,18          pound/pounds          mina/minus           mina/minus
Luke 19:20               pound                        mina                     mina
Luke 19:20             napkin                         handkerchief        handkerchief
Luke 19:24,24        pound/pounds            mina/minas           mina/minus
Luke 19:25             pounds                      minus                     minus
Luke 19:39             Master                       Teacher                  Teacher
Luke 21:7               Master                        Teacher                  Teacher
Luke 22:11              goodman                    Master                   Master

References             King James          New King James       TR Greek Text

Luke 22:11             Master                         Teacher                Teacher
John 1:12                power                          right                   right or authority
John 1:27                shoe’s                          sandal                   sandal
John 1:38              Master                    Teacher                       Teacher
John 2:8                governor                  Master                        Master
John 2:9                ruler                         Master                        Master
John 2:9               governor                    Master                       Master
John 3:10             Master                        Teacher                    Teacher
John 3:20             reproved                     exposed                    exposed
John 4:31             Master                        Rabbi                        Rabbi
John 6:7                 pennyworth               denari                       denari
John 7:1                 Jewry                         Judea                        Judea
John 7:20               devil                           demon                      demon
John 8:4                Master                          Teacher                    Teacher
John 8:6              as though he heard        as though He did         as though He did not
                            them not (Italics)     not hear (NOT IN ITALICS)    hear (In TR text)
John 8:35          servant                        slave                              slave
John 8:48            devil                            demon                         demon
John 8:49            devil                             demon                         demon
John 8:52             devil                            demon                         demon
John 9:2               Master                         Rabbi                           Rabbi
John 10:20            devil                            demon                         demon
John 10:21,21       devil                            demon                        demon
John 10:34           Gods                             gods                       gods (Theological)
John 11:8              Master                         Rabbi                         Rabbi
John 11:28            Master                         Teacher                    Teacher
John 11:31            grave                            tomb                        tomb
John 11:38            grave                            tomb                       tomb
John 12:17           grave                            tomb                       tomb
John 12:31            prince                          ruler                        ruler
John 12:40            converted                     turn                        turn
John 13:13           Master                          Teacher                  Teacher
John 13:14            Master                         Teacher                  Teacher
John 14:18            comfortless                 orphans                 orphans
John 14:30            prince                          ruler                       ruler
John 15:15            lord                             master                   master
John 15:20           lord                              master                   master
John 16:8             reprove                         convict                 convict
John 16:11           prince                           ruler                     ruler
John 18:1            cedron                        Kidron                    Kidron
John 18:28,28      hall of judgment        Practorum            Practorum
John 19:9             judgment hall            Practorum            Practorum
John 19:30            the ghost                  His spirit               His spirit
John 19:41,42      sepulchre                    tomb                     tomb

References                King James       New King James     TR Greek Text

John 20:1,2,3,4,6,8,11   sepulchre            tomb                  tomb
John 20:16                 Master                    Teacher              Teacher
John 20:22                 Ghost                      Spirit                  Spirit
John 20:17                  touch                    cling                     cling
John 21:12,15            dine                    eat breakfast        eat breakfast
Acts 1:7                    power                authority                 authority
Acts 1:8         Ghost                          Spirit                            Spirit
Acts 1:16       Ghost                         Spirit                            Spirit
Acts 1:13        brother of James   son of James      son of James (Theological)
Acts 1:22        be ordained            become                        become
Acts 2:29         sepulchre                 tomb                         tomb
Acts 2:33         Ghost                      spirit                         spirit
Acts 2:38         Ghost                     spirit                          spirit
Acts 3:13         son                       servant                          servant
Acts 3:26         son                       servant                          servant
Acts 4:8          ghost                     spirit                              spirit
Acts 4:27         child                     servant                           servant
Acts 4:30         child                    servant                            servant
Acts 4:31         Ghost                  Spirit                              Spirit
Acts 5:34         doctor                 teacher                           teacher             
Acts 5:37           taxing               census                            census
Acts 6:1              Grecians           Hellenists                      Hellenists
Acts 6:3             Ghost                Spirit                             Spirit
Acts 6:5             Ghost                Spirit                            Spirit
Acts 7:33           shoes                 sandals                         sandals
Acts 7:38        church              congregation           congregation/assembly
Acts 7:40         Gods                   gods                              gods
Acts 7:45         Jesus                 Joshua                            Joshua
Acts 9:17          Ghost                    Spirit                          Spirit
Acts 9:29          Grecians             Hellenists                   Hellenists
Acts 9:31          Ghost                    Spirit                          Spirit
Acts 10:3         evidently             clearly                        clearly
Acts 10:22        warned            Divinely instructed      Divinely instructed
Acts 10:44           Ghost                  Spirit                          Spirit
Acts 10:45            Ghost                 Spirit                          Spirit
Acts 10:48           prayed                asked                         asked
Acts 11:4           rehearsed             explained                 explained
Acts 11:15          Ghost                  Spirit                           Spirit
Acts 11:16           Ghost                Spirit                           Spirit
Acts 11:20           Grecians            Hellenists                   Hellenists  
Acts 11:24             Ghost               Spirit                          Spirit
Acts 12:4              Easter               Passover                     Passover
Acts 13:4            Ghost                  Spirit                          Spirit
Acts 13:9              Ghost                Spirit                          Spirit

References           King James       New King James       TR Greek Text

Acts 13:10            child                  son                             son
Acts 13:12          doctrine               teaching                   teaching
Acts 13:25            shoes                  sandals                   sandals
Acts 13:26            children             sons                             sons
Acts 13:52            Ghost                Spirit                           Spirit
Acts 13:35            suffer               allow                      allow or permit
Acts 14:7               preached         were preaching       were preaching
Acts 14:12            Jupiter               Zeus                        Zeus
Acts 14:12          Mercurius          Hermes                    Hermes
Acts 14:13          Jupiter                Zeus                      Zeus
Acts 14:16              suffered           allowed                  allowed
Acts 15:8             Ghost                  Spirit                     Spirit
Acts 15:18          from the beginning    from eternity    from eternity
                                of the world
Acts 15:24            subverting          upsetting              upsetting
Acts 15:28           Ghost                  Spirit                     Spirit
Acts 16:4              ordained          determined             determined
Acts 16:6              Ghost                  Spirit                    Spirit
Acts 17:3               alleging            demonstrating       demonstrating
Acts 17:13           people                   crowds                 crowds
Acts 17:35            Jupiter                 Zeus                     Zeus
Acts 18:28            convinced           refuted                  refuted
Acts 18:25            diligently          accurately               accurately
Acts 19:2             Ghost                   Spirit                      Spirit
Acts 19:18            shewed               telling                    telling
Acts 19:35            Jupiter                 Zeus                     Zeus
Acts 19:35           worshipper         guardian                  guardian
Acts 19:37           churches             temples                   temples
Acts 20:23           Ghost                  Spirit                      Spirit
Acts 20:28            Ghost                 Spirit                      Spirit
Acts 21:6           home again          home                  home
Acts 21:20           thousands           myriads              myriads
Acts 23:35      Judgment hall     Practorium         Practorium
Acts 26:10       voice                   vote                    vote
Acts 27:33          fasting              without food    without food
Acts 28:4            vengeance        justice               justice
Romans 2:10      Gentile             Greek                 Greek
Romans 3:8      damnation          condemnation   condemnation
Romans 3:26     believeth            faith                    faith
Romans 5:11       atonement        reconciliation   reconciliation
Romans 8:16      itself                   Himself           Himself
Romans 8:19,21    creature            creation           creation
Romans 8:25         patience           perseverance     perseverance
Romans 8:26       infirmities          weaknesses       weaknesses

References          King James        New King James      TR Greek Text

Romans 9:25      Osee                    Hosea                         Hosea
Romans 11:4     answer of God     Divine response        Divine response
Romans 11:31    not believe           disobedient                disobedient
Romans 11:32     unbelief               disobedient                disobedient
Romans 12:4       office                   function                      function
Romans 13:1       ordained               appointed                   appointed
Romans 13:2       damnation             judgment                   judgment
Romans 13:9       kill                        murder                        murder
Romans 14:17      Ghost                   Spirit                           Spirit
Romans 14:22      alloweth             approves                      approves
Romans 15:12       trust                   hope                             hope
Romans 15:13       Ghost                  Spirit                         Spirit
Romans 15:16      Ghost                   Spirit                         Spirit
I Corinthians 1:7   coming              revelation                  revelation
I Corinthians 1:18  preaching           message                   message
I Corinthians 1:18    perish               perishing                 perishing
I Corinthians 1:18    are saved          being saved             being saved
I Corinthians 1:20      world              age                           age
I Corinthians 2:6          world           age                           age
I Corinthians 2:6     princes            rulers                         rulers
I Corinthians 2:6     world              age                             age
I Corinthians 2:7     world               ages                          ages
I Corinthians 2:8      princes          rulers                          rulers
I Corinthians 2:13      Ghost         Spirit                           Spirit
I Corinthians 3:18      world         age                               age
I Corinthians 4:14         sons       children                       children
I Corinthians 6:19       Ghost         Spirit                         Spirit
I Corinthians 9:14       ordained      commanded             commanded
I Corinthians 10:11      world            ages                       ages
I Corinthians 10:20     devils/devils   demons/demons   demons/demons  
I Corinthians 10:21     devils/devils   demons/demons    demons/demons
I Corinthians 10:30      grace              thanks                   thanks
I Corinthians 11:1       followers         imitate                   imitate
I Corinthians 11:2        ordinances      traditions              traditions
I Corinthians 11:10      power              authority               authority
I Corinthians 11:19      heresies            factions                factions
I Corinthians 12:3        Ghost               Spirit                    Spirit
I Corinthians 13:1       charity              love                      love
I Corinthians 13:2       charity              love                      love
I Corinthians 13:3       charity              love                      love
I Corinthians 13:4      charity               love                      love
I Corinthians 13:4       charity             love                      love
I Corinthians 13:4     charity               love                     love
I Corinthians 13:8     charity               love                    love

References                 King James         New King James     TR Greek Text

I Corinthians 13:13    charity/charity             love                    love
I Corinthians 13:5     easily provoked         provoked           provoked
I Corinthians 14:6     doctrine                     teaching             teaching
I Corinthians 14:7     harped                       played                 played
I Corinthians 15:31   rejoicing                   boasting               boasting
I Corinthians 15:33   communications      company              company
I Corinthians 15:55    grave                      Hades                  Hades
I Corinthians 16:14    charity                  Love                     Love
2 Corinthians 1:12     rejoicing               boasting              boasting
2 Corinthians 1:14     rejoicing                boast                  boast
2 Corinthians 3:6       testament              covenant           covenant
2 Corinthians 3:12    plainness               boldness            boldness
2 Corinthians 3:18      glass                   mirror               mirror
2 Corinthians 4:3   hid/hid                  veiled/veiled       veiled/veiled
2 Corinthians 4:3    lost                      perishing               perishing
2 Corinthians 4:5   servants               bond servants       bond servants
2 Corinthians 5:1   dissolved             destroyed              destroyed
2 Corinthians 5:12  glory/glory      boast/boast              boast/boast
2 Corinthians 5:17  creature           creation                   creation
2 Corinthians 6:6    Ghost               Spirit                       Spirit
2 Corinthians 7:8   repent/repent     regret/regret          regret/regret
2 Corinthians 7:10  repent                 regret                   regret
2 Corinthians  8:4    praying              imploring             imploring
2 Corinthians  9:1    touching             concerning         concerning
2 Corinthians 11:7   an offence          sin                       sin  
2 Corinthians 12:1  glory                    boast                  boast
2 Corinthians 12:5  glory/glory       boast/boast           boast/boast
2 Corinthians 12:6  glory                  boast                    boast
2 Corinthians 12:11  glorying         boasting                boasting
2 Corinthians 12:21   committed      practiced             practiced
2 Corinthians 13:5   reprobates       disqualified         disqualified
2 Corinthians 13:6   reprobates       disqualified         disqualified
2 Corinthians 13:7   reprobates       disqualified          disqualified
Galatians 1:4           world               age                       age
Galatians 2:17          God forbid     certainly not          certainly not
Galatians 2:21           frustrate         set aside                 set aside
Galatians 3:9          faithful              believing                believing
Galatians 3:21       God forbid         certainly not          certainly not
Galatians 3:24       school master        tutor                    tutor
Galatians 4:7         servant                   slave                   slave
Galatians 5:15        creature              creation               creation
Ephesians 1:21       world                  age                      age
Ephesians 2:10       ordained          prepared               prepared
Ephesians 3:9         world               ages                     ages

References         King James         New King James      TR Greek Text

Ephesians 4:22    conversation       conduct                    conduct
Ephesians 5:1     followers             imitators                     imitators
Ephesians 6:12     world                  age                              age
Philippians 1:8     record                witness                     witness
Philippians 1:19     salvation          deliverance             deliverance
Philippians 1:27     conversation       conduct               conduct
Philippians 2:17      offered                poured out         poured out
Philippians 2:20      conversation        citizenship         citizenship
Philippians 4:14     communicated    shared                 shared
Philippians 4:15     communicated     shared                 shared
Colossians  1:15     creature                creation             creation
Colossians 2:2         comforted            encouraged       encouraged
Colossians 3:2       affection                mind                  mind
I Thessalonians 1:5  Ghost               Spirit                     Spirit
I Thessalonians 1:6   Ghost               Spirit                     Spirit
I Thessalonians 2:8    souls               lives                     lives
I Thessalonians 2:14    followers       imitators             imitators
I Thessalonians 5:22     appearance       form                form
2 Thessalonians 2:8      wicked            lawless             lawless
2 Thessalonians 3:9     power              authority           authority
I Timothy 1:2               own                true                    true
I Timothy 2:12             suffer            permit                permit
I Timothy 4:6              attained        followed             followed
I Timothy 4:12         conversation      conduct             conduct
I Timothy 4:12           charity               love                   love
I Timothy 5:4           nephews        grandchildren       grandchildren
I Timothy 5:12         damnation      condemnation      condemnation
I Timothy 6:2          faithful              believers              believers
2 Timothy 1:14       Ghost                 Spirit                   Spirit
2 Timothy 2:12        suffer               endure                  endure
2 Timothy 2:15         study              diligent                  diligent
2 Timothy 2:22         charity            love                        love
2 Timothy 3:10         patience          perseverance         perseverance
2 Timothy 3:17       perfect               complete              complete
2 Timothy 4:6         be offered     being poured out    being poured out
Titus 1:2                  world             time                         time
Titus 1:5                  ordain            appoint                    appoint
Titus 1:5               appointed         commanded           commanded
Titus 1:16            reprobate            disqualified           disqualified
Titus 2:4          (to be sober)        not in text          not in any Greek text
Titus 2:12         world                   age                           age
Titus 3:5            Ghost              Spirit                         Spirit
Hebrews 2:17     reconciliation    propitiation          propitiation
Hebrews 3:9       tempted              tested             (context) tested

References      King James    New King James         TR Greek Text

Hebrews 3:18   believed           obey                                obey
Hebrews 4:6     unbelief           disobedience                 disobedience
Hebrews 4:8      Jesus                Joshua                         (context)  Joshua
Hebrews 4:14     profession       confession                  confession
Hebrews 6:4       Ghost              Spirit                            Spirit
Hebrews 6:12      followers        imitate                         imitate
Hebrews 7:22       testament       covenant                     covenant
Hebrews 7:23       not suffered     prevented                  prevented
Hebrews 7:28       consecrated      perfected                   perfected
Hebrews 9:2         candlestick      lamp stand                 lamb stand
Hebrews 9:8         Ghost               Spirit                          Spirit
Hebrews 9:10      carnal               fleshly                          fleshly
Hebrews 9:11      building            creation                        creation
Hebrews 9:15   testament/testament  covenant/covenant  covenant/covenant
Hebrews 9:20    testament           covenant                         covenant
Hebrews 9:26     world                ages                                ages
Hebrews 9:28      look                wait                                 wait
Hebrews 10:15    Ghost            Spirit                               Spirit
Hebrews 10:17    iniquities     lawless deeds                  lawless deeds
Hebrews 10:36    patience       endurance                      endurance
Hebrews 11:9      tabernacles      tents                            tents
Hebrews 12:3        minds            souls                           souls
Hebrews 12:5        children         sons                             sons
Hebrews 13:5       conversation      conduct                   conduct
Hebrews 13: 7       conversation      conduct                  conduct
Hebrews 13:11     without               outside                  outside
Hebrews 13:12     without               outside                  outside
Hebrews 13:13     without                outside                 outside
James 1:23          glass                   mirror                    mirror
James 2:11         kill                     murder                    murder
James 2:19         devils                demons                   demons
James 3:1           masters              teachers                 teachers 
James 3:1        condemnation        judgment              judgment
James 3:2        offend/offend     stumble/stumble     stumble/stumble 
James 3:5         matter                forest                        forest
James 3:13       conversation        conduct                 conduct
James 3:15         devilish               demonic                demonic
James 4:2          kill                       murder                   murder
James 4:16        rejoice                boast                      boast
James 4:16         rejoicing            boasting              boasting
James 5:19         convert              turns back          turns back
James 5:20        converteth           turns                  turns 
James 5:20         hide                    cover               cover
I Peter 1:6         temptations        trials                 trials

References        King James        New King James          TR Greek Text

I Peter 1:15     conversation          conduct                          conduct
I Peter 2:6       confounded            put to shame                  put to shame
I Peter 2:12      conversation        conduct                           conduct
I Peter 2:25       Bishop              Overseer                           Overseeer
I Peter 3:1         conversation        conduct                          conduct
I Peter 3:2          conversation        conduct                         conduct
I Peter 4:8           charity                love                              love
I Peter 5:2          feed                    shepherd                       shepherd
I Peter 5:13        the church          she                                    she
I Peter 5:14          charity              love                                 love
2 Peter 1:6          temperance         self control                    self control
2 Peter 1:6  patience/patience   perseverance/perverance    perserverance/perverance      
2 Peter 1:7         charity               love                                  love
2 Peter 1:21        Ghost               Spirit                                Spirit
2 Peter 2:1          damnable         destructive                     destructive
2 Peter 2:2          pernicious        destructive                     destructive
2 Peter 2:3          damnation         destruction                    destruction
2 Peter 2:7          conversation         conduct                     conduct
I John 2:18          time/time           hour/hour                  hour/hour
I John 2:24      abide/remain/continue   abide/abide/abide   abide/abide/abide
I John 2:23     (All IN italics) - he who    he who acknowledges    he who acknowledges
                       acknowledges the Son       the Son has the               the Son has the
                       has the Father also         Father also (IN TEXT)      Father also (IN TEXT)
I John 5:7         Ghost                                    Spirit                          Spirit
I John 3:16       (of God)                    not in Text                        not in any Greek Text
Jude 1:4          ordained                       marked out                    marked out
Jude 1:12        charity                        love                                 love
Jude 1:20        Ghost                          Spirit                               Spirit
Jude 1:24         falling                      stumbling                        stumbling
Revelation 1:5    prince                  ruler                                 ruler
Revelation 1:13   candlesticks       lampstands                     lampstands
Revelation 1:20  candlesticks/         lampstands/                 lampstands/
                                  candlesticks      lampstands                lampstands
Revelation 2:1    candlesticks           lampstands                  lampstands
Revelation 2:5    candlesticks           lampstands                  lampstands
Revelation 6:6   penny/penny      denarius/denarius          denarius/denarius
Revelation 7:17   feed                      shepherd                     shepherd
Revelation 9:20     devils                 demons                         demons
Revelation 10:6      time                  delay                             delay
Revelation 11:4      candlestick     lampstands                   lampstands
Revelation 11:19    testament          covenant                     covenant
Revelation 13:2      seat                    throne                        throne
Revelation 13:16   in/in                   on/on                           on/on
Revelation 14:1    in/in                   on/on                            on/on

References                   King James            New King James         TR Greek Text

Revelation 15 :6           white                    bright                              bright
Revelation 15:7           vials                      bowls                              bowls
Revelation 16:1          vials                      bowls                                bowls
Revelation 16:2         vial                        bowl                                  bowl
Revelation 16:3         vial                         bowl                                 bowl
Revelation 16:4          vial                         bowl                                bowl
Revelation 16:8          vial                         bowl                                bowl
Revelation 16:10         vial                        bowl                                bowl 
Revelation 16:17         vial                         bowl                               bowl
Revelation 16:14         devils                    demons                           demons
Revelation 17:1          vials                       bowls                               bowls
Revelation 17:6          admiration            amazement                     amazement
Revelation 18:1          power                   authority                       authority
Revelation 18;2         devils                    demons                          demons
Revelation 18:13     ( not in text)           and incense                  and incense
Revelation 18:23      candle                    lamp                             lamp
Revelation 19:7          honor                  glory                             glory
Revelation 20:4         in                       on                                     on
Revelation 21:9        vials                  bowls                              bowls
Revelation 22:4       in                          on                                   on

References             King James       New King James      Masoretic Hebrew Text

Genesis 1:21         whales                creatures                 creatures
Genesis 1:28         replenish             fill                               fill
Genesis 1:29           meat                   food                           food
Genesis 1:30           meat                   food                           food
Genesis 3:5           gods                      God                           God
Genesis 3:15         it                          He                                He
Genesis 9:1         replenish              fill                                 fill
Genesis 13:7     cattle/cattle        livestock/livestock      livestock/livestock
Genesis 18:19    judgment            righteousness             righteousness
Genesis 21:14      bottle                  skin                          skin
Genesis 21:33      grove               tamarisk                   tamarisk
Genesis 22:1        tempt                tested                       tested
Genesis 23:5      children             sons                         sons
Genesis 23:7    children              sons                         sons
Genesis 29:9     kept them        shepherdess              shepherdess
Genesis 30:32    cattle                sheep                       sheep
Genesis 30:32    cattle                  sheep                     sheep
Genesis 30:40    cattle                  flock                      flock
Genesis 30:43     cattle                flocks                      flocks
Genesis 31:1        glory               wealth                      wealth
Genesis 31:18  cattle/cattle     livestock/livestock   livestock/livestock

References     King James        New King James     Masoretic Hebrew Text

Genesis 31:43   cattle                flock                          flock
Genesis 32:2      host                camp                          camp
Genesis 35:4     oak                terebinth                  terebinth
Genesis 35:8     oak                terebinth                   terebinth
Genesis 36:15   dukes           chiefs                         chiefs
Genesis 36:15    duke           chief                           chief
Genesis 36:15    duke            chief                          chief
Genesis 36:15    duke            chief                           chief
Genesis 36:15     duke            chief                          chief  
Genesis 36:16    duke             chief                           chief
Genesis 36:16     duke             chief                         chief
Genesis 36:16     duke           chief                         chief
Genesis 36:16    dukes            chiefs                        chiefs
Genesis 36:17     duke             chief                         chief
Genesis 36:17     duke              chief                        chief
Genesis 36:17     duke              chief                     chief
Genesis 36:17    duke            chief                       chief
Genesis 36:17    dukes          chiefs                      chiefs
Genesis 36:18    duke            chief                       chief
Genesis 36:18   duke             chief                      chief
Genesis 36:18    duke           chief                       chief
Genesis 36:18 dukes          chiefs                        chiefs
Genesis 36:19  dukes         chiefs                        chiefs
Genesis 36:21  dukes         chiefs                         chiefs
Genes 36:24    mules         water                         water
Genesis 36:29  dukes        chiefs                         chiefs
Genesis 36:29  duke          chief                           chief
Genesis 36:29   duke         chief                           chief
Genesis 36:29   duke         chief                          chief
Genesis 36:29   duke          chief                          chief 
Genesis 36:30   duke          chief                          chief
Genesis 36:30    duke         chief                          chief
Genesis 36:30    duke          chief                         chief
Genesis 36:30    dukes         chiefs                       chiefs
Genesis 36:30    dukes           chiefs                     chiefs
Genesis 36:40   dukes           chiefs                      chiefs
Genesis 36:40    duke           chief                         chief
Genesis 36:40     duke          chief                        chief
Genesis 36:40     duke           chief                        chief
Genesis 36:41     duke            chief                        chief
Genesis 36:41     duke            chief                         chief
Genesis 36:41    duke             chief                          chief
Genesis 36:42    duke              chief                         chief
Genesis 36:42    duke               chief                         chief

References            King James            New King James             Masoretic Hebrew Text

Genesis 36;42        duke                      chief                                   chief
Genesis 36:43        duke                     chief                                   chief
Genesis 36:43        duke                      chief                                 chief
Genesis 36:43        dukes                 chiefs                                   chiefs
Genesis 42:1          corn                    grain                                     grain
Genesis 42:2          corn                    grain                                      grain
Genesis 42:3          corn                    grain                                       grain
Genesis 42:5          corn                     grain                                       grain
Genesis 42:25        corn                     grain                                       grain
Genesis 42:26         corn                     grain                                      grain
Genesis 43:2          corn                      grain                                       grain
Genesis 45:16       fame                      report                                      report
Genesis 46:32       cattle                   livestock                                 livestock
Genesis 46:34      cattle                    livestock                                 livestock
Genesis 47:6       cattle                     livestock                                livestock
Exodus 3:22        borrow                 ask                                          ask
Exodus 9:4            cattle                   livestock                                 livestock
Exodus 9:4            cattle                   livestock                                livestock
Exodus 9:6            cattle                    livestock                                livestock 
Exodus 9:6           cattle                    livestock                                livestock
Exodus 9:7            cattle                    livestock                                livestock
Exodus 10:26      cattle                      livestock                                livestock
Exodus 12:29      cattle                       livestock                               livestock
Exodus 12:38      cattle                       livestock                               livestock
Exodus 16:15      It is manna           What is it?                             What is it?
Exodus 17:3         cattle                    livestock                                livestock
Exodus 20:13        kill                      murder                                   murder
Exodus 22:28        the gods              God                                        God
Exodus 23:27       destroy                 confusion                           confusion
Exodus 26:35        candlestick         lampstand                         lampstand
Exodus 27:1         shittim                 acacia                                 acacia
Exodus 27:6         shittim                  acacia                                acacia
Exodus 30:5         shittim                   acacia                               acacia
Exodus 34:13     groves                   images                                images
Exodus 34:19      cattle                   livestock                             livestock
Exodus 35:14      candlestick          lampstand                         lampstand
Exodus 35:24      shittim               acacia                                  acacia
Exodus 36:31      shittim               acacia                                  acacia
Exodus 36:36      shittim               acacia                                  acacia
Exodus 37:1      shittim                  acacia                                acacia
Exodus 37:4       shittim                 acacia                                acacia
Exodus 37:10     shittim                 acacia                                acacia
Exodus 37:15     shittim                  acacia                               acacia
Exodus 37:17    candlestick         lampstand                         lampstand

References          King James          New King James     Masoretic Hebrew Text

Exodus 37:17     candlestick             lampstand                lampstand
Exodus 37:18     candlestick             lampstand                lampstand
Exodus 37:18      candlestick            lampstand                 lampstand
Exodus 37:19       candlestick           lampstand                 lampstand
Exodus 37:20       candlestick           lampstand                 lampstand
Exodus 37:28       shittim                    acacia                       acacia
Exodus 38:1          shittim                   acacia                       acacia
Exodus 38:6          shittim                    acacia                      acacia
Exodus 40:24       candlestick          lampstand                   lampstand
Leviticus 1:2        cattle                    livestock                     livestock
Leviticus 4:12      without                 outside                       outside
Leviticus 9:11     without                 outside                        outside
Leviticus 10:9     strong drink     intoxicating drink     (non-grape intoxicating drink)
Leviticus 13:46    without               outside                         outside
Leviticus 14:40     without              outside                         outside
Leviticus 16:27       without            outside                          outside
Leviticus 17:7        devils                 demons                       demons
Leviticus 26:22     cattle                  livestock                      livestock 
Numbers 6:17       meat                     grain                            grain
Numbers 7:13        meat                     grain                            grain
Number 7:19         meat                     grain                            grain
Numbers 7:25        meat                     grain                            grain
Number 7:31         meat                      grain                            grain
Number 7:37         meat                       grain                           grain
Numbers 7:43        meat                      grain                            grain
Numbers 7:49        meat                       grain                           grain
Numbers 7:55        meat                       grain                           grain
Numbers 7:61        meat                      grain                            grain
Numbers 7:67        meat                      grain                            grain
Numbers 7:73        meat                      grain                            grain
Numbers 7:79        meat                       grain                           grain
Numbers 7:87         meat                     grain                            grain
Numbers 8:11      offering                  wave offering             wave offering
Numbers 8:13     offering                 wave offering               wave offering
Numbers 8:15     offering                 wave offering                wave offering
Numbers 8:21       offering                 wave offering                wave offering
Numbers 11:25     did not cease       although they never        although they never
                                                            did so again                    did so again
Numbere 13:8      oshea                       Hoshea                          Hoshea
Numbers 13:16     oshea                       Hoshea                          Hoshea
Numbers 14:33    children shall              sons shall be               sons shall be
                                wander                      shepherds                      shepherds
Numbers 19:3       without                    outside                            outside
Numbers 19:9          without                   outside                            outside
Numbers 20:4         cattle                       animals                            animals
References       King James        New King James         Masoretic Hebrew text

Numbers 21:1     spies                    atharim                      atharim
Numbers 21:14   what he did         waheb in Suphah       waheb in Suphah
                           In the red sea
Numbers 23:22    unicorn               wild ox                      wild ox
Numbers 24:8      unicorn                wild ox                     wild ox
Numbers 28:7      strong wine         the drink                the (non-grape) drink
Numbers 31:13      without              outside                   outside
Numbers 32:1        cattle                 livestock                livestock
Numbers 32:1         cattle                 livestock               livestock
Numbers 32:4          cattle              livestock                 livestock
Numbers 32:4          cattle              livestock                 livestock
Numbers 32:16         cattle             livestock                 livestock
Deuteronomy 1:1      Red sea         Suph                       Suph
Deuteronomy 5:17    kill               murder                    murder
Deuteronomy 7:5    groves        wooden images        carved images
Deuteronomy 7:13    wine          new wine                  new wine
Deuteronomy 13:15   cattle       livestock                    livestock
Deuteronomy 14:26  strong       similar                      non-grape
Deuteronomy 27:25  reward      bride                        bride
Deuteronomy 28:5    store       kneading bowl         kneading bowl
Deuteronomy 28:11   cattle        livestock                 livestock
Deuteronomy 28:17    store        kneading bowl       kneading bowl
Deuteronomy 28:51   cattle        livestock                 livestock
Deuteronomy 28:51   wine       new wine                  new wine
Deuteronomy 28:57   young      placenta                  placenta
Deuteronomy 29:3   temptations     trials                   trials
Deuteronomy 29:6    strong         similar                 non-grape
Deuteronomy 30:18  denounce    announce          announce
Deuteronomy 32:17    devils         demons            demons
Deuteronomy 32:32    dragons     serpents            serpents
Deuteronomy 33:28    wine          new wine         new wine
Joshua 1:14               cattle          livestock           livestock
Joshua 14:4              cattle           livestock           livestock
Joshua 24:2             flood            river                   river
Joshua 24:3             flood             river                   river
Joshua 24:15           flood            river                   river
Judges 3:7               groves          asherahs           asherahs
Judges 3:19            quarries        stone images    stone images
Judges 6:5             cattle              livestock         livestock
Judges 6:25           grove              wood image    wood image
Judges 6:26           grove            image                  image
Judges 6:30            grove             wood image     wood image
Judges 9:13            wine               new wine         new wine
Judges 15:5           corn                 grain                grain

References        King James        New King James     Masoretic Hebrew Text

Judges 18:21      cattle                 livestock                   livestock
I Samuel 10:3     plain                  tree                           tree
I Samuel 10:3      bottle                skin                           skin
I Samuel 11:3      coasts               territory                    territory
I Samuel 15:12   place                 monument                 monument
I Samuel 16:20    bottle                skin                          skin
I Samuel 17:45     shield              javelin                       javelin
I Samuel 18:10    javelin              spear                         spear
I Samuel 18:11    javelin              spear                          spear
I Samuel 19:9      javelin              spear                          spear
I Samuel 19:10    javelin              spear                          spear
I Samuel 19:10    javelin               spear                         spear
I Samuel 20:2     God forbid        by no means             by no means
I Samuel 20:33    javelin              spear                         spear
I Samuel 22:6      tree           tamarisk tree                 tamarisk tree
I Samuel 23:5    cattle             livestock                     livestock
I Samuel 25:18    bottles          skins                          skins
I Samuel 31:13     tree              tamarisk tree           tamarisk tree
2 Samuel 6:3       in Gibeah        on the hill             on the hill
2 Samuel 6:4       in Gibeah        on the hill             on the hill
2 Samuel 6:19  flagon of wine    cake of raisins      cake of raisins
2 Samuel 16:1     bottle                   skin                     skin
2 Samuel 17:19    corn                    grain                   grain
I Kings 1:25        God save            long live            long live
I Kings 1:34        God save            long live            long live
I Kings 2:5         shoes                   sandals              sandals
I Kings 19:4       juniper tree       broom tree            broom tree
I Kings 19:5       juniper tree           broom tree           broom tree
I Kings 22:38     armour               harlots                   harlots
2 Kings 4:10      candlestick        lampstand               lampstand
2 Kings 18:26    Syrian                Aramaic                 Aramaic
2 Kings 18:32     corn                    grain                        grain
I Chronicles 16:3 flagon of wine   cake of raisins    cake of raisins
I Chronicles 16:23  shew forth      proclaim the            proclaim the
                                                          good news            good news
I Chronicles 28:15    candlestick    lampstand              lampstand
I Chronicles 28:15    candlestick    lampstand              lampstand
I Chronicles 28:15    candlestick    lampstand               lampstand
I Chronicles 28:15    candlestick    lampstand               lampstand
I Chronicles 28:15    candlestick     lampstand              lampstand
2 Chronicles 4:7       candlestick     lampstand               lampstand
2 Chronicles 4:20      candlestick    lampstand               lampstand
2 Chronicles 11:15     devils            demons                   demons
2 Chronicles 17:4   the Lord God    the God                  the God

References               King James     New King James     Masoretic Hebrew Text

2 Chronicles 33:11  among the thorns   with hooks       with hooks
2 Chronicles 33:19   the seers                Hozai               Hozai
Ezra 4:7                   Syrian/Syrian     Aramaic/Aramaic   Aramaic/Aramaic
Esther 7:8                bed                       couch                    couch
Job 3:6                 be joined                 rejoice                   rejoice
Job 3:7               solitary                    barren                    barren
Job 3:8              their mourning        Leviathan              Leviathan
Job 5:1             saints                        holy ones             holy ones
Job 5:5           the robber                  a snare                  a snare
Job 5:26          corn                          grain                      grain
Job 6:23          the mighty              oppressors             oppressors
Job 7:12         whale                    sea serpent               sea serpent
Job 16:14     giant                        warrior                     warrior
Job 17:16      the pit                   sheol                          sheol
Job 19:3       make yourself      have wrong me         have wrong me
                    strange to me
Job 20:10   their gods              his wealth              his wealth
Job 21:28      (omitted)            the tent                   the tent
Job 22:20       substance is not   adversaries are     adversaries are
Job 22:25       defence            gold                          gold
Job 26:13       formed            pierced                    pierced
Job 27:1          parable          discourse                 discourse
Job 29:1        parable          discourse                   discourse
Job 30:29        dragons          jackals                   jackals
Job 30:29        owls               ostriches                ostriches
Job 30:31        organ               flute                      flute
Job 32:4   till Job had spoken    to speak to Job    to speak to Job
Job 39:9       unicorn            wild ox                    wild ox
Job 39:10      unicorn            wild ox                    wild ox
Job 39:13      peacocks         ostrich                      ostrich
Job 39:13      ostrich            stork                        stork
Job 41:22  is turned into joy   dances                 dances
Psalm 22:1    roaring              groaning               groaning
Psalm 22:21    unicorns         wild oxen              wild oxen
Psalm 29:6     unicorn            wild ox                  wild ox
Psalm 44:19    dragons           jackals                   jackals
Psalm 69:23     dipped            crush                      crush
Psalm 74:13      dragons         sea serpents         sea serpents
Psalm 75:2       receive the         choose the         choose the
                        congregation         proper time        proper time
Psalm 92:10    unicorn                  wild ox               wild ox
Psalm 101:1      (omitted)           praises                   praises
Psalm 143:9        flee                  take shelter          take shelter

References         King James         New King James          Masoretic Hebrew Text

Psalm 148:7      dragons              sea creatures                  sea creatures
Proverbs 1:12      grave                     sheol                          sheol
Proverbs 1:32       prosperity           complacency            complacency
Proverbs 18:8       wounds                tasty trifles                tasty trifles
Proverbs 19:18  spare for his crying     on his destruction    on his destruction
Proverbs 19:24    bosom                        bowl                        bowl
Proverbs 31:4    strong drink      intoxicating drink    (non-grape) intoxicating drink
Ecclesiastes 9:14   bulwarks                snares                         snares
Ecclesiastes 10:1     (omitted)            putrefy                        putrefy
Isaiah 1:17  relieve the oppressed    rebuke the oppressor    rebuke the oppressor 
Isaiah 9:3   NOT increased the joy     increased its joy     increased its joy
Isaiah 14:11         grave                       sheol                        sheol
Isaiah 34:7          unicorns                   wild ox                  wild ox
Isaiah 34:15        owl                            snake                     snake
Isaiah 38:10        the grave                  sheol                       sheol
Isaiah 38:18         the grave                 sheol                       sheol
Jeremiah 17:8      see                            fear                       fear
Jeremiah 11:23     visitation              punishment          punishment
Lamentations 1:7     sabbaths               downfall              downfall
Lamentations 1:8     removed                 vile                       vile
Lamentations 2:20  span long    they have cuddled    they have cuddled       
Lamentations 3:53    dungeon           pit                            pit
Lamentations 3:55     dungeon          pit                            pit
Lamentations 4:16      anger             face                         face
Lamentations 5:10      black              hot                         hot
Ezekiel 31:15              grave             sheol                   sheol
Ezekiel 32:22              Asshur          Assyria                 Assyria          
Ezekiel 36:29             corn                grain                     grain
Ezekiel 38:2            chief                  Rosh                     Rosh
Ezekiel 38:3            chief                   Rosh                     Rosh
Ezekiel 39:1           chief                    Rosh                     Rosh
Ezekiel 42:20          profane place      common              common
Daniel 8:25           peace                      prosperity           prosperity
Hosea 2:8              wine                      new wine              new wine
Hosea 2:9              wine                       new wine             new wine
Hosea 2:22            wine                       new wine            new wine
Hosea 3:1          flagons                    raisin cakes         raisin cakes
Hosea 4:18        sow                        rebellion              rebellion
Hosea 14:3       Asshur                   Assyria                 Assyria
Joel 1:18  made desolate     suffer punishment       suffer punishment
Joel 2:19      wine                  new wine                     new wine 
Joel 2:24       wine                 new wine                    new wine
Joel 3:18       wine                 new wine                    new wine
Amos 5:26    your molech      your king                   your king

References        King James        New King James         Masoretic Hebrew Text

Jonah 2:6           corruption            pit                               pit
Micah 6:14       casting down         hunger                      hunger
Nahum 1:5       burned                   heaves                        heaves
Habakkuk 2:6    thick clay             pledges                       pledges
Zechariah 4:2      candlestick          lampstand                lampstand
Zechariah 4:11     candlestick         lampstand                lampstand
Zechariah 10:4      oppressor          ruler                          ruler
Malachi 2:12         master and       awake and aware     awake and aware
                                the scholar



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