In Response to the Article, "Has Jack Hyles been Resurrected?"                                                                                                                                                       

Rachel E. Biber, an active involded member of Clays Mill Road, writes by way of Email on June 18th, 2008 the following comments, taken in order.

1) First paragraph, "I have never read a tract that began, YOU must be drawn of God". --- Answer -- Maybe that is part of the problem. Is a "soul winner" convincing some one to be saved, or is it the drawing power of God?

He that winneth soul is wise...... Believe it or not, the He here, is GOD!!!!

2)Second paragraph, "Knowledge is passively receiving; belief is a choice". Answer --- This sounds very spiritual, yet the Bible tells us the demons believe and tremble in James 2:19. They do not choose to believe, they simply don't deny what they know to be true!

3) Third paragraph, "I would like to ask you, how old is a child? Early in the article you cited Matthew 18:3.... except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven. Yet you claim that a child might be ten or twelve before he fully understands salvation. By the time anyone is twelve, they are approaching adulthood".

Answer--- YE (an understanding person), becomes AS a child, in child like faith in Christ. There is no such thing as an age of accountability, rather it is, the knowledge or comprehension of accountability. I will declare again, until a person can think in the abstract, they can not be saved. Until they can reason, not simply believe what they are told, they can not be saved. Further Ms. Biber states that by the time a person is twelve, they are approaching adulthood! It is interesting that Jesus waited until 30 years old to begin his ministry, because a Jew was not considered an Adult until 30. I still an against child evangelism, because the vast majority of young people, are lead to make a false profession, and now they are in church, headed for Hell!

4) Fourth paragraph, "As far as repentance is concerned, we do believe that conversion follows salvation or occurs simultaneously; they are not synonyms. Salvation is the initial believing on Jesus Christ as our only hope of Heaven; conversion is allowing yourself to be put to a new use, the use of the Master. Luke 22:32  But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren. It is recycling; we can save our garbage in bins, but it is of little value until it is converted to a new use. Likewise, Jesus saves us when we realize our own righteousness is as dirty rags, but until we surrender, He cannot convert us to a new use."

Answer--- Jack Hyles in his book, "Salvation is more than being saved", stated all most exactly word for word the same. That's what led to the title of my article. A pig still goes back to the mud. What is the real problem with what she and late Jack Hyles are saying? You can be saved and not converted. Conversion comes later, if you want to! The proof text is Luke 22:32, where Jesus told Peter, when you are converted, strengthen the brethren. Peter was no doubt saved when Jesus told him this, therefore you can be saved and not converted.---FALSE--- FALSE---- FALSE--- Matthew 18:3, already quoted by Ms Biber, states unless ye be converted-- no Heaven!!!!!! What did Jesus mean, when he spoke to Peter? To begin with, it is inportant to remember Jesus did not speak in English, here He spoke Greek. The Greek word here is different from the other places converted is used. Look it up in a Strongs concordance. You will see it is not the normal word for converted, but the meaning to Peter is when you are returned. I know you Ruckmanites will not accept this, but you probably will miss Heaven too! According to Matthew 16:24-25, if there is no surrender to the Lordship of Christ, there is no Salvation. It is simply easybeliefism, leading one to Hell!!!! Dr John MacArthur, even with all his problems is right on one thing. That is Salvation!!! The "Gospel according to Jesus", is the best book apart from the Bible, one can read!

Finally, in the last paragraph she states, "Dr. Hyles was a man of God".

Answer--- In my opinion, he was a Devil!!! His cultic doctrine of Salvation will put more Baptist in Hell, ,than anything I know!!!

I realize some of my readers will think I am being very unkind to this sincere woman from Clays Mill Road Baptist Church. The answer to that is, there can be no compromise on Salvation. I can fellowship with a lot of Christians if they are right on Salvation, but if they are wrong, there is no fellowship!!!!

P.S.-- I know Jeff Fugate, and several years ago I attended Landmark Baptist Church when Jeff Fugate preached for a week. I also dropped in last week at Clays Mill Road, to see the product of child Evangelism once again. I noticed none of them gave a testimony? Please understand, I am not attacking the character of Jeff Fugate, or how good a preacher he is, or how large a church he has, but his message on Salvation. (The Reason I dropped in, was to see some old friends, who do not see the danger of this ministry).

Yours In Christ.

brother Rex

Isa 40:28-31


September 28, 2010


Dear Mr. Duff,

That is an extremely well-done piece on patriotism and Christianity. I've wrestled with this subject for years. I've read the Bible cover to cover for decades and I can't find anywhere that says God blesses America any more than He blesses those praying in New Zealand, Cambodia, or those with a gun about to go off next to their head in Saudi Arabia. I have no feelings toward Israel, other than compassionate that I'd feel for anybody else. Jesus freed us from the 'Holy Land.' It's no more 'holy' than New Jersey. At least that's what I've found, and I know I don't have the education of the learned on either side of this issue, but that's my faith.

It's very hard because we are ingrained that we MUST stand for the national anthem, we are one nation "under God," etc., but we aren't. We have been made to do this since kindergarten so there is a unnatural fear not to stand. I am respectful. I won't purposely hurt someone's feelings "to make a point," like the misguided ones at servicemen's funerals. That's Satan at work, not the Lord. And there will be Judgement.

But I'm rambling. It's just nice to see another point of view that had me nodding my head, "Yep." Nazi Germany did the same thing. Lied through their teeth to say they had "God" on their side while determined to massacre the innocent. And you would not believe how much fellow Christians get worked up on this subject. My favorite Christian radio station's logo is for "God and Country." It will always be something I'll have to pray for guidance for.

Thanks again for your message and God bless. People who are struggling with this subject are reading your words,

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